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Virtual Tours

It isn't hard to see why the real estate and tourism industry are so keen on immersive technologies. Being able to place someone in a virtual location is the second best thing to being there, so it's fitting that property developers and holiday dealers are all trying to get in on the XR action.

Property developers can now carry out virtual viewings from anywhere with just a VR headset and are no longer limited by any kind of physical reality. Whether or not if the build even exist now is not longer an issue, anything is possible in virtual reality.

Of course, building virtual worlds is no small feat. But the NINAJR team—with their decade of game making experience—are no strangers to it and can to help turn your dreams into (virtual) reality at a moment's notice.

Whether it's converting a blueprint into 3D or recreating an existing location accurately we can make it happen and deploy it to any VR hardware of your choice, or even just wrap it up in a simple phone gyro 360° view.

Starting at

  • Fully 3D scene with simple hotspot navigation
  • 2x rooms recreated in 3D (fully textured with static lighting)
  • 5x Furniture per room
  • 1x VR hardware deployment of your choice

Additional Features

  • Additional rooms +2k per room
    Price subject to the difference between new and existing room
  • Room customisation +2k per feature
    Allow users to change certain aspects of the room like wallpaper and furniture
  • Additional hardware deployment +2k
    Run the same app on a different headset

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