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Social Face Filters

It's official, everyone loves a good AR face filter. The instant gratification of putting on a living breathing virtue mask taps into our primal sense of play in a way few other things do. In fact these things are so popular that it is the undisputed killer app in commercial immersive tech.

And the great thing about it is that we're only just at the beginning. Every day we're seeing new and innovative ways creators are expanding on the face filter concept and there is no sign of it slowing down. There is no better time then now to get in on this emerging mega-trend right now and create the next viral sensation!

Right now the most popular platforms for face filters are Snapchat, IG and Facebook, who are expending their implementation every day to allow better, more advanced tech to be possible.

At the low end we can create for you a simple mask to put onto users' faces, scaling all the way up to the top end where we can implement fully working games controlled by facial expressions and hand gestures. The possibilities are endless, so let's explore this space together and find something that fits into your overall strategy.

Starting at

  • 1x original 3D model
  • 1x animation
  • Fcebook/IG or Snapchat deployment

Additional Features

  • Interactivity +2k per interaction
    Single facial expression recognition to make something happen on screen
  • WebGL integration + 3k
    Make it work in a generic web browser
  • Creative input +2k
    Conceptualisation of the core idea

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