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Single Object AR

Often the simplest things are the most effective, this is certainly true when it comes to AR. We've come so far in such a short time that we forget just how powerful it is to just be able to simply place a 3D object in front of you and examine it from every angle.

The use of augmented reality in promoting products is becoming more and more ubiquitous, and customers are now accustomed to being able to view any product in 3D before making a purchasing decision. Whether it's a luxury watch or a pasta dish, giving people the ability to "try before they buy" is an extremely powerful notion that cannot be understated.

Whatever object you need at whatever fidelity or volume NINJAR has you covered. We only work with the most talented 3D artists from our network to ensure that every item we recreate meets our highest standard and shows off your product in the best possible light.

Starting at

  • 1x original 3D model
  • 1x animation
  • WebGL or Apple Safari AR deployment

Additional Features

  • Extra objects +1k per object
    More objects can be added at a discount. Price subject to the complexity of the object
  • Interactivity +2k per interaction
    Single tap interactivity to make something happen on screen
  • Marker-based tracking +2k
    Use a marker instead of the standard plain tracking
  • Native app integration +2k per platform
    Integrate an AR object into your existing native app
  • Facebook post +400
    Share it natively in a facebook post

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