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Product Configurators

Immersive tech is proving very useful for showcasing high-end, complex products that are loaded with features and functions not easily explained in static images or text. AR and VR both offer a chance for users to fully explore a product's potential in various exciting ways that were simple not possible before.

With current AR tracking technologies we can now project large objects like cars or home appliances in real life 1:1 scale for users to experience without the need of any other tools except their phones. Allowing people the chance to virtually step inside the interior of a vehicle and see its features from up close is a game changer, one that will continue to see wider adoption across all industries moving forward.

Using the latest object tracking tech we can even project AR features onto real life objects that give users extra information not possible physically. We have already seen great uses of this at events and conventions where exhibitors went the extra mile in order to make their static products at the booth come to life through augmented reality. It makes for an impressive showcase that stands out from the crowd and leaves an impression with your attendees.

Development costs will vary depending on the nature of the requirement. The general assumption with this package is the inclusion of a complex, detailed object/scene that is fully interactive and working at large scale and/or projected onto a real life object that is viewable from any angle.

If you are confused by any of the explanations or terminologies used here don't worry, we'll happily walk you through everything and work with you to reach a solution that is suitable for your business needs.

Starting at

  • Original interface design to match your brand
  • 2x original 3D model/scene
  • 5x interaction & animation hotspots per scene
  • Optional object tracking function
  • Native iOS and Android deployment with AR
  • WebGL deployment without AR

Additional Features

  • Additional models/scenes +4k per model
    Price subject to complexity of the model or scene
  • Extra interactivity +2k per interaction
    More interactive hotspots to trigger something in the scene
  • VR integration +5k
    A full VR mode for users to walk around the object/scene at 1:1 scale

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