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Augmented Magazines

Augmented magazines bridge the gap between traditional printed brand communications and today's digital age. The printed magazine still allows for a more permanent, physical presence and brings a certain prestige that comes with that medium. However an augmented, digital version of the magazine available as an mobile app offers many more advantages.

Give your audience a much closer look at your products with AR visualizations that go beyond flat 2D images. Offer virtual tours of destinations that give them an intimate glimpse of what awaits them. Or wow them with 3D interactivity that leaps out from the page of a traditional printed magazine.

This package includes either a fully digital web-based magazine or a stand alone app, packed with cutting edge AR and VR features that can be activated with simple taps of the screen. We also offer marker-based AR implementation linked to any print asset on your end, and we'll work with you to get the page design to work as needed.

Starting at

  • Digital magazine app (up to 10 pages) in our HTML template
  • 2x markerless AR objects
  • 1x physical marker AR object
  • 1x 360 degrees image view
  • Deployed on iOS and Android

Additional Features

  • Additional pages +2k per 5 pages
    Price subject to page designs
  • Additional AR features +2k per feature
    Extra AR of any type
  • Custom Magazine design +4k
    Bespoke layout of the magazine based on your design

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