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Architecture Visualisation

3D visualisation is a staple of the architecture business and it’s no surprise that we get a lot of requests from this particular sector. From simple interactive visualisers to full VR walkthroughs, we’ve delivered on numerous projects of all different shapes and sizes over the years.

These projects tend to be smaller in scope and require faster turnarounds than the average full service development. This makes them great showcases for the unique benefits of NINJAR in smaller to mid scale productions.

From blueprints to reality

Smaller architectural firms and private developers also need their properties to be visualised in 3D but often times they do not have the means to do so. This is why we get so many people coming to us with blueprints and floor plans for them to be created in 3D, and ultimately displayed in some kind of interactive presentation.

Realistic compositing into real world spaces

One of our first clients was Baukern Development, who requested our help in creating two buildings for the Salzachpalais in Salzburg. Over the course of a month we worked closely with their architects to helped them visualise their concept in a series presentations and videos.

Bringing prototype concepts to life in three dimensions

Shortly after RECN and TKN Real Estate Solutions presented us with VOLT - a Berlin based mall concept with an ambitious multi-purpose twist that was going through its early funding rounds. With nothing more than a few draft plans and sketches we created a series of 3D presentations and interactive demos for them that brought to life the concept to their investors.

No job too small

We’ve also worked with many private developers and homeowners to help them visualise their empty new builds and transform them into something more enticing to prospective buyers. These projects are generally much smaller in scope with tighter deadlines to hit, where a good management process is key to ensure a satisfactory delivery.

We can even provide interior design on top of the 3D creation

Our transparent project pipeline and clear communication channels keep clients in the loop and instill confidence while avoiding nasty surprises. Trust is our core philosophy here at NINJAR, it is the foundation on which our platform is built upon.

VR made easy

With the rise of VR we started to see a lot more clients express their interest in the technology. Most of them were faced with the same problem however - they know that they want it, but had no idea how to go about it. This is where we come in.

We consulted with a handful of property developers and helped them come up with VR solutions that were most suited their needs. Among them was a Lebanon based realtor who requested an entire villa to be recreated in full VR and showcased via the Samsung Gear VR headset.

Simple and intuitive UX making VR navigation easy

Another job came from a small start-up in Bangkok who were looking to visualise their office interior in VR. For this particular job we were not given any blueprints but instead we were on location to measure the space for ourselves, and to work with their team to conceptualise an exciting interior space for them to enjoy.

Highly accurate 3D recreations based on real life measurements
End result gives a great sense of how the space could look

Having first hand experience of the space ourselves was invaluable and we were delighted to see our work come to fruition in reality as the office ended up closely resembling our original conceptual vision.

In summary

The original concept of NINJAR was built partly on the foundation of the growing demand coming from the architectural and real estate industry. There is a constant demand for this kind of work to be done but no obvious go-to solution in the market. This is exactly what we’re aiming to change.

Highly interactive 3D diagramtic presentations for industry

NINJAR makes smaller scale project like these much more viable, efficient and cost-effective, saving you valuable time and money by cutting out the middleman. If you have some plans that need to be visualised and made into VR, get in touch now for a free consultation session.