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Off the Shelf XR Solutions


Need an immersive solution in a hurry? Here are some off-the-shelf ideas for you to get rolling right away. Just pick from the list of products below and we can get started within days.

Single Object AR

Let your users place any object with their mobile camera and experience it as though they had it right there with them, accessed directly from the web browser.

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Starting at €4k

IG/Snap Face Filters

Everyone loves a good face filter so why not make one of your own for some viral potential? We can even make it interactive through users’ facial expressions.

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Starting at €5k

Virtual Tours

Give your potential buyers the second best thing to actually being there—a virtual house tour! We can recreate any property from just blueprints and implement a full VR (or mobile non-VR) experience unlike any other.

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Starting at €12k

Augmented Magazines

Create beautiful digital magazines that bridges the gap between print and virtual media. Interact with the page by simply tapping on images to make them appear in AR, or be transported into another world with VR functionalities.

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Starting at €14k

Product Configurators

High end product configurator with interactive hotspots and customisable features wrapped in a world class interface design for a premium brand experience. We offer the same awesome 3D experience both in the browser and natively on mobile.

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Starting at €20k


What this means for you

NINJAR offers the absolute easiest way to get into XR via ready made solutions that are tried and tested, leaving you to focus on your product strategy and less about the production process.

Fast turnarounds

Stating from scratch requires a lot of upfront commitment that requires a lot of lead time. Our off the shelf solutions help you kick things off in a matter of days rather than weeks.

Ready made ideas

Knowing what to do can be an uphill struggle for those new to immersive tech. We offer simple to understand solutions that you can just pick from and run with.

3D asset creation

All of our packages include the creation of original 3D assets of your brand products, saving you the hassle of having to look elsewhere for 3D artists.

Our in-house team oversees the entire process from start to finish, ensuring you the best possible service every step of the way.


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