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About Us

NINJAR delivers the best immersive experiences, combining top talent with a scientific approach to quality and efficiency


We democratise
immersive technologies

We aim to put immersive technologies and a dedicated software development team in everyone's pocket. Using the NINJAR platform and a global community of world class engineers, we address the custom software needs of today's immersive world.

Immersive Tech

Businesses with access to immersive technologies have thousands of times more leverage than those without. We believe that by democratizing access to custom software we can increase the pace of human evolution.

Talent Network

We are building the largest network of exceptional developers, designers, and product managers and augmenting them with data, artificial intelligence, and a rich working environment.


Our Core Team

Our core skills and backgrounds combined with a shared passion to shape the future of immersive experiences

Marco Hoeglinger

CEO & Co-founder

Matthew Harney

CTO & Co-founder

Chi Hang Li

UX Lead & Co-founder

Sabina Sarbu

Product Manager

George Penney

Lead Developer

Trusted by companies around the world

NINJAR helps companies like BYTON, Ferrari and BMW create immersive experiences with high-quality work delivered on demand. We focus on deeply engaging, multisensory, digital experiences, which can be delivered using VR, AR, 360° video, mixed reality, and other technologies.

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