About NINJAR - our mission, network and core team

The beating heart of the
3D I AR I VR movement

We’re on a mission to democratize immersive tech and build the best network for 3D I AR I VR creators to share, grow and get hired.


Our mission is to democratize immersive technologies

We aim to be the go-to resource for discovering and connecting with immersive design, business and technology content and professionals around the world.


Individuals and businesses with access to the latest news and insights in immersive tech have incredible leverage. We are facilitating access to this information and connecting people with the NINJAR Community and increasing the pace of human evolution.


We are building the largest marketplace of talented XR designers, developers and product managers and giving them the tools they need to show off their work. NINJAR Creators helps brands and businesses hire better and faster.


NINJAR Labs addresses all the custom software needs of today's diverse immersive world. Our in-house experts are here to help you create the highest quality XR experiences delivered on demand.

The next digital revolution

“We believe immersive technology is the next digital revolution and will change people's lives in an exciting way. We want to be builders, explorers, connectors and pioneers shaping this immersive space.

Our ultimate goal with NINJAR is to be the leading online platform to discover and access 3D/AR/VR news, work and talent.”

Marco - CEO of NINJAR


We believe XR is the next digital revolution and will change peoples lives in an exciting way. We want to democratize XR for everybody and be pioneers in this space.


At NINJAR, you won’t have to figure out how to find the best talent or work. Instead, you will be connected with superb creators and content to help you enter the XR world.


We're a large and rapidly growing network comprised of the most thoroughly screened, talented experts and the most valuable content in the world.


Get to know us

NINJAR is a 100% remote team. We believe that creative collaboration can happen anywhere and want our team to work where they feel most comfortable and inspired.

Marco Hoeglinger

CEO & Co-founder

Matthew Harney

CTO & Co-founder

Chi Hang Li

UX Lead & Co-founder

George Penney

Lead Developer

Carina Rogl

Project Manager

Kalina Machlis

Community Manager


Join our team

Since we are a 100% distributed team, you can work from anywhere. No need to move for a job. We operate under a culture of communication, trust and kindness, and we’re proud of it.